The Day I Found Myself Outside Michael Ball’s Dressing Gown in a Pink Jumpsuit

13th November 2011 @ BBC White City

So today I was sporting a baby pink jumpsuit and found myself outside of Michael Ball’s dressing room.

I swear it isn’t what it sounds like…

Was working @ BBC White City today (7am call time in London on a Sunday…!) for a programme called ‘Little Crackers’ which is airing this Christmas. I was hoping they would let me wear my jeans, as on every other set and tv programme, but they gave me this jumpsuit… but so glad they did, it was brilliant! Quirky :p

Shoot lasted around 8 hours which isn’t too bad, went really quickly and was working with LN again which was cool! Also Sally Lindsay was the lead in this Little Crackers ep.

Went back to JG’s after and crashed in his bed, & he came up and lit a vanilla frosting candle when I was asleep (one of the Yankee Candle ones) and left me to catch some Zs. It was the cutest thing! I am going to miss him SO much when I go away, I can’t even really bear to think about it. He’s my best friend.

So aside from this and a gorgeous roast made by my lovely Mum this evening, I’ve been thinking of things to buy for my new flat! Granted, it’s only little, but it’s mine and I will make it look gorgeous. Bought some coffee/tea/sugar pots already, and a baking tray. Things are definitely going on the Christmas list!

We announced our new show at Hertford Theatretrain on Saturday, and we’re going with Alice in Wonderland (or, more specifically, ‘Alice’ by Laura Wade), as it is some of the Biggies last show, and so we decided to go with their decision (it was more the littlies that wanted to do Toy Story), but either show would be great fun to produce and design as a production! Bring it on. :-)

That’s all for now!

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