Willpower Through This.

Ok, so, yesterday (post-bacon roll and caramel latte) I decided to embark on a week’s detox ready for my holiday – if anything, just to feel a little less bloated and a teeny bit sexier for the beach.

What exactly is my version of a detox, you say? If anything, I just wanted a reason – a word – to describe the healthy eating cleanse that my body so badly needs. In my mind, this is what a detox is to me:

* no bread
* no caffeine
* plenty of fruit and vegetables
* drinking plenty of water
* no red meat

So far, going well. Naaat! Yesterday lunchtime did actually go well, I had a measly tuna salad for lunch without any sauces. It was boring, not going to lie and make it sound all interesting and good for you. I also drank a fair bit of water, which is good!

Then it came to the afternoon and I had Fruitella. Argh, Charlie, why?

And then came dinner @ Jules’ house, and despite texting him saying ‘I’m on a detox now, par Saturday night’s upcoming M&S gorge fest, NO BAD FOOD ok? xxx’

Yeah. We had breaded fish and homemade chips with ketchup. Then a cup of tea. And a Tim Tam Slam (although with a penguin bar, yeah, chocolate…)

So far, the detox is going extremely well.

What is wrong with me?! Where is my willpower? A lack of authority over your brain’s choices isn’t sexy. Neither is pre-holiday chunk.

Back to the drawing board. A nice fibre-full breakfast for me this morning (and a latte *bangs head on desk*). Going to get smoothie now to accompany my measly salad lunch!

Keep you posted. Probably won’t be good news. I did walk to work though!


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One thought on “Willpower Through This.

  1. p.s. Had a brown roll with egg mayo for lunch. Not quite a salad.

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